Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Beach Wedding

Before moving back to Seattle and becoming a Seattle Wedding Officiant, I was a California Wedding Officiant! We enjoyed the many weddings we performed (and photographed) on the beaches of San Diego County. One day we had a small group that wanted a beautiful beach wedding and so we found a secluded (as secluded as any beach in San Diego can be, that is) spot by a breakwater. Vickie sprinkled rose petals on the sand and as the bride and groom took their places on the petals and everyone gathered close to them, I began. After a moment, however, I realized that everyone was staring over my shoulder, ignoring me and the ceremony...the bride looked shocked, the groom had a broad smile on his face. I turned and saw that a photographer and his very scantily clad model with a Hula Hoop prop had begun taking cheesecake photos RIGHT NEXT TO US!! I suggested we all rotate and face the breakwater....sorry, no photos this time!

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