Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Wedding Story

Hello readers, its time for another sweet wedding story. As I wrote in my entry last week, after so many years as Curtis Rhodes Photography, Curtis Rhodes Weddings and A Perfect Little Wedding and so many years as a wedding photographer and a Seattle Wedding Officiate, and a California Wedding Officiate, I have scads of stories.
Last week's story reminded me of a very small wedding we photographed. It was just the Bride and Groom and the Bride's sister and her husband. As it was the couples second marriages and because the rest of her family, including her parents, lived in Florida, they felt that a small wedding that didn't ask anyone to spend a lot of money to fly to Seattle was appropriate. And so it was, if just a bit a bit sadly, the couple headed off to the chapel after we had finished our photos at their beautiful home in Issaquah. The Bride didn't say anything but was secretly wishing they had asked her parents to be a part of their celebration.
They were married at a tiny little chapel...just them, the witnesses, the minister and the little girl from the candy store next door who pushed the button on the boom box. (and the photographers!) The Groom and the witnesses took their places and the Bride stood, all alone at the doorway...when her parents quietly stepped up and stood on either side of her.

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