Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wedding Stories

After so many years and so many thousands (literally!) of weddings Vickie and I have participated in, everyone asks what are some of our favorite wedding stories. Now, of course, its A Perfect Little Wedding and Curtis Rhodes Weddings where we primarily Officiate and occasionally photograph. Before that, however, we were Curtis Rhodes Photography and before that I was the lead photographer at the old Otto Motal Studio. Lots of stories!

I have been Ordained as a Non-Denominational minister since 1969 but didn't begin Officiating at weddings until the mid 1990s. At that time we began offering packages similar to what we do now, but with larger photo packages. I did, however, also just Officiate at weddings. Here is one of my favorite Officiating stories. As a matter of fact, its the same story I told when we were interviewed on the radio last spring.

We were asked to Officiate at a couple's condo complex, in the recreation room. They asked that I come casually dressed and that they were going to introduce me as an Uncle, because they didn't want anyone to know they were getting married! It was Valentines Day and they had asked a number of friends over for a pizza party. They also had a few bottles of champagne and they wanted to toast their friends. When they were done with their toast, I spoke up.

"I'd like to propose a toast," I said, "to love. And to our hosts, John and Marissa." (I think their names were.) "You love Marissa very much, don't you, John?"

"Yes," he said, looking lovingly at Marissa.

"And you love John very much, don't you, Marissa?"

"Yes, I do," Marissa nodded.

"You should have rings to wear that acknowledge this love."

At this point people started wondering what the heck was going on!

John and Marissa pulled rings out of their pockets and slipped them on each other's hands then gave each other a kiss.

"By the power vested in me by the State of Washington, I hereby pronounce you Husband and Wife!"

People gasped! What!! Is this real??!!!

"That it is," I said as we signed the license.

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