Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two Unusual Weddings!

Hello faithful readers. As you may have been able to ascertain, we here at Curtis Rhodes Weddings and A Perfect Little Wedding have been far from perfect in keeping up with our Blog Posts. I'd like to blame it on the change to Daylight Savings Time but we all know that couldn't be as the time change only happened this morning and its been MONTHS since we've posted.
Anyway...we're back!
We Seattle Wedding Officiants sometimes run into unusual requests, but we (almost) always happily honor them. Of course, I do prefer not to participate in a Sky Diving Ceremony, but just about anything else goes.
Two recent weddings come to mind. A short time ago we were asked to perform a wedding ceremony at the Olympic Hotel for a couple who have been married for 20 years! Not a vow renewal, mind you, but a wedding ceremony with the license to be signed (secretly) afterwards. How can this be? Well it seems that 20 years ago this couple had the big wedding but at the last minute had second thoughts about "legalizing" it and never signed a license. No one knew this and they have been enjoying their lives together, raising a family, being active members of the community, posing as Mr. and Mrs! Now, after all this time, they realized that their love for each other needed to be formalized and legitimized. They came to Seattle and I met them at the hotel. We asked a couple in the lobby if they would witness the ceremony and sign the long missing license and, lo and behold, our couple is now enjoying all the fruits of a blissful marriage!
Our second story began in the middle of last week when I received a call from a woman in Denver. She and her guy were going to be in Seattle for a vacation and she wanted to "surprise" him with a wedding ceremony. Just the license! She asked if Vickie would make a bouquet for her and if we would bring our cameras along to Kerry Park where she was going to bring him to see the view. I supposed that we were going to pounce out of the bushes or from behind the wall and yell surprise...what would his reaction have been??? What would your's be? The tension was relieved when they did appear, she in a wedding gown and he with a big smile on his face. She had sprung the news on him at the hotel and he was totally cool with it.
So, unusual, yes, loving, warm and wonderful, of course. What else could a wedding be?

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